Saturday, October 25, 2014


I know, I know! I'm WAY overdue on a Rasmussen Family post.
I apologize for that. So, I will update on what were doing right now.

Caleb: He is everywhere! Getting into anything he can. He has learned to talk so well for a 20 month old. I think he learns it from his big brother. He loves to play with any kind of sport balls. He loves baseball, soccer, football, and
he has learned how to use a hockey stick. Caleb sure loves his brother, "Iley" (that's what he calls Riley)

Riley: He is in his 2nd year of pre-school and enjoys it very well! When he comes home, he asks if he can write the alphabet or numbers and always asks what number or letter comes next. He is getting pretty good at writing the alphabet! He is an avid Denver Bronco's fan! He loves the colors blue and orange. His Grandpa Dar and Riley tease each other about football teams, since Grandpa likes the Seattle Seahawks! Funny story: We were at Target looking for coats, and I picked one out that was gray with blue and green on it, and Riley says, "Boo, those are Seahawks colors, I want a blue and orange coat. He says the funniest things!

Case: (He was the one who asked why I haven't I updated the blog for awhile) I think he is the busiest guy I know! He is busy going to school full time to get his Bachelors in Nursing, working full time, being a daddy, and a husband. But, he seems to work everything in! I know he loves being a nurse. He enjoys helping people, and making them feel better. When Case has free time, he enjoys playing with his boys, they love to go outside and pitch the baseball, play soccer, and shoot hoops. He also likes do little projects around the house. He and his family, recently put a nice roof on our deck outside.

Natalie: Keeping up with all my boys! I work 2 days a week as a MA at a pediatric clinic, and still enjoy every minute of it. I recently had to get certified/registered as a MA for the state, and it was hard trying to find time to study, being a mom and a wife. But, I did it, and passed! I give props to Case for going to school full time and working full time. When, I get a free minute, I still enjoy to scrapbook or organize my pictures!

As a family we try to do something fun once a month. This month we have done a lot of fun things! We went to the pumpkin patch with some friends to pick out our pumpkins! Had a family reunion on my mom's side of the famiy! And just having fun as a family!

I'm thankful for Case for asking why I haven't updated the blog, now I hope I can stay updated on in. I just haven't thought about it, since there is Facebook and Instagram now, and it is a lot easier to upload a picture from my phone. I will do my best update the blog as well..

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer FUN!

What a FUN summer our family had! We spent time with our with family and friends. Went swimming to the pool and in Grandma's backyard, and had water fights with Grandpa Dar and Dad. Went to Lagoon. (Riley's first time. It took him a few rides to show some expressions. His favorite ride was Rattle Snake Rapids. He said, "He got soakin wet, and wanted to go again!) Spent many times at our cabin in Grouse Creek. Watched Daddy play in a Men's Hockey League with his High School friends, which they took First Place! Were sad to see Summer go, but excited for the Fall, and our new adventures to come! Riley is going to start pre-school. He is so excited! Case has 2 more semsesters left til he is done with nursing school, and he will be a Registerd Nurse! We can't wait! Caleb is growing so fast! He is starting to scoot and get on all fours getting ready to crawl. And, I'm trying to keep up with everyone! I got back into Zumba and loving it more and more everytime I get to go! Warning in advance! Picture Overload!

Friday, May 17, 2013


I just wanted to update a little of what has gone on the past couple months. Caleb is growing so fast. He had his 2 month well check last week, and he weighs 10.6lbs and 23 and a quarter inches long. He's is my CHUNK, as I call him. He now is starting to smile and giggle (Gma Wendy is the only one who can make him giggle a lot) He is such an easy baby. If he is on his play mat, and is tired, he will just fall asleep by himself. He will wake up once or even sleep through the night. He loves is brother! He watches Riley play and smiles at him. (thinking I cant wait to start playing with you) Riley is an avid hockey player (just like Case) Ever since he got his roller blades from the Easter Bunny, those things have been attached to his feet. First, thing in the morning; "Mom can we play hockey?", and he has to bring them wherever we go. He is a great little skater. Right now, his favorite hockey team is the Detroit RED Wings. Him and Case tease each other, since Case's team is the Colorado Avalanche. (Case is trying to convert him to an Avalanche fan, we will see how that goes) Also,he loves playing with the ipad. Either watching movies or playing educational games. He will be starting pre-school in the Fall, and cant wait. Next, week he will be getting his tonsils & adnoids out. Our main concern with him, was he was snoring like an old mad, and then we had our dr check Riley out, due to a little cold he had. And his tonsils are almost touching. He said, "Holy Cow, those things are huge." So, we got a referral to go see and Ears, Nose, and Throat dr, and he said the same thing. Those tonsils are a stage 5, and he told me that we only rate them on scale of 4. So, over all Riley has HUGE tonsils, and will be getting them out. He is a bit nervous. I took him to a pre-op party to show him what was going to happen, and I hope it helped him. When, I told him he was going to have surgery, he told me,"Mom I dont want to have surgery like gma, on her foot" I explained to him, that he wasnt going to have surgery like gma, he was getting tonsils out by his throat. Then we told him, he could have ALL the popsicles and ice cream he wanted, and that seemed to cheer him up. These boys are my everything! I love spendng time with them! They make smile, laugh, and I'm proud to be there Mommy!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Caleb Roy Rasmussen

Finally, Im getting around to post about our new little boy! Caleb Roy was born on March 1, 2013. He weighed 6lbs 3 oz and 20 inches long. And has RED hair! I think this one might stay red. I cant believe he weighed that much. I was planning on having a small baby since Riley was so small. He looks just like Riley when he was born, just weighed and was longer than him. He is a good eater, and sleeper. So, far we have had only one crazy/fussy night. That has helped mommy & daddy get some rest Riley is such a big brother. He was so excited to meet him. It was sad at the hospital, they wouldnt let children in under 14 due to Flu season. He was so sad that he couldn't meet his new brother for the first time. I think it broke my heart more than his. We had a nice nurse who let Case bring Caleb up to the window so Riley could see, and I think that made him a little more happier. Riley was so happy the day we came home, because he got to ride home with us, and to finally hold Caleb. He always wants to hold him, feed him, and comfort him, the only thing he wont do yet is change his diapers or even throw them away. I'm excited to be home with my boys and spend time with family for a couple weeks before I go back to work. I will be only working 2 days a week, which will be nice.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Wow! It's been awhile since I have updated this blog. I know I always say that I have been too busy to update, and this time it is true. Trying to keep up with Riley and Case's school/work schedule, me working, and being pregnant can where you out. This past month; Case and I celebreated our 5th anniversary. We actually celebrated it back in October. We went and saw Josh Turner in concert in Wendover. We had a good time. The weekend of our actual anniversary we went up Ogden canyon to the Alaskan Inn. We have never been up there, and it was nice. (very cold) Case had the chance to play hockey in the Guns & Hoses game. It was a fun game to watch. Before the game, I was teasing him, by saying I would give him $20 bucks if he made a goal, and of course he had to show me he could do it. It was the first goal for the Fire-fighters. He was pretty excited! My Riley boy, is still full of energy. All, he wants to do is play and play. He loves playing games, and pretending he is a basketball player, baseball coach, soccer player, and a hockey player. I have a feeling he will want to play every sport when he grows up. He's also excited for his birthday (just like his mom) he keeps telling me I want this and that for his birthday. He also is excited to be a big brother, everytime I have an appointment he says, "I get to see Caleb today." He is always wanting to kiss and hug my stomach. With Me, I'm still working 2 days a week, and trying new hobbies to keep me busy. I recently got a sewing machine for Christmas, and I have been practicing making new things. I only have 5 weeks til our 2nd baby boy is here. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Just worried how I will be able to care for 2 little boys. I guess I will see in a few weeks. Well, I hope I have updated a few things. My goal is to try to update at the end of each month to see what we have been up too.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

21.5 Weeks. Half way!

I can't believe that I'm half way into my pregnacy. It sure does go by qucik. We went to the dr's on Halloween. Baby Caleb was measuring right on track. He was a very active little boy, we got to see his cute face, and him moving all around. Riley was cute during the appointment. He kept saying there is Caleb's eyes, nose, and head. He cant wait to be a big brother. He asks to hold him when he gets here. We tease him by asking if he's going to change his diapers, and he says NO, EWW! Ha ha. We all are excited to meet this cute little boy!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our BIG News!

Well, most of you already know, that Riley is going to be a big brother! We are very excited for baby # 2. Mainly, Riley is. He asks me every morning when and where his baby BROTHER is?? He is already a caring brother. He wants the best for him. Baby CALEB will arrive the first of MARCH. There hasn't been to much going on in the Rasmussen house. Except, Riley is talking a lot more, trying to get potty trained, and has A LOT of ENGERGY. He just started liking MICKEY MOUSE. He watches the movies, and he is going to be MICKEY for Halloween. I'm just trying to keep up with Riley and Case's crazy schedules with work and school. When I do have a free minute, I LOVE to sit at my computer and scrapbook, and do little crafts here and there. Case is one BUSY GUY. He is in the nursing program this year and he LOVES it. He goes to school Mon-Thursday, maybe picks up a shifts at the Fire Department, and works Thurs-Saturday graves. I know, he is crazy, but for some reason, he can do it ALL, plus spend time with his family. We keep saying only a 2years and He will be done and it will be worth it. Also, he is one SMART dude! Some other fun news I just found about is that my 2 best friends are pregnant as well. I had a dream years ago, that one day all 3 of us were going to be pregnant at the same time. Well, it came true! How exciting! Well, I hope I have updated a few things!