Saturday, October 25, 2014


I know, I know! I'm WAY overdue on a Rasmussen Family post.
I apologize for that. So, I will update on what were doing right now.

Caleb: He is everywhere! Getting into anything he can. He has learned to talk so well for a 20 month old. I think he learns it from his big brother. He loves to play with any kind of sport balls. He loves baseball, soccer, football, and
he has learned how to use a hockey stick. Caleb sure loves his brother, "Iley" (that's what he calls Riley)

Riley: He is in his 2nd year of pre-school and enjoys it very well! When he comes home, he asks if he can write the alphabet or numbers and always asks what number or letter comes next. He is getting pretty good at writing the alphabet! He is an avid Denver Bronco's fan! He loves the colors blue and orange. His Grandpa Dar and Riley tease each other about football teams, since Grandpa likes the Seattle Seahawks! Funny story: We were at Target looking for coats, and I picked one out that was gray with blue and green on it, and Riley says, "Boo, those are Seahawks colors, I want a blue and orange coat. He says the funniest things!

Case: (He was the one who asked why I haven't I updated the blog for awhile) I think he is the busiest guy I know! He is busy going to school full time to get his Bachelors in Nursing, working full time, being a daddy, and a husband. But, he seems to work everything in! I know he loves being a nurse. He enjoys helping people, and making them feel better. When Case has free time, he enjoys playing with his boys, they love to go outside and pitch the baseball, play soccer, and shoot hoops. He also likes do little projects around the house. He and his family, recently put a nice roof on our deck outside.

Natalie: Keeping up with all my boys! I work 2 days a week as a MA at a pediatric clinic, and still enjoy every minute of it. I recently had to get certified/registered as a MA for the state, and it was hard trying to find time to study, being a mom and a wife. But, I did it, and passed! I give props to Case for going to school full time and working full time. When, I get a free minute, I still enjoy to scrapbook or organize my pictures!

As a family we try to do something fun once a month. This month we have done a lot of fun things! We went to the pumpkin patch with some friends to pick out our pumpkins! Had a family reunion on my mom's side of the famiy! And just having fun as a family!

I'm thankful for Case for asking why I haven't updated the blog, now I hope I can stay updated on in. I just haven't thought about it, since there is Facebook and Instagram now, and it is a lot easier to upload a picture from my phone. I will do my best update the blog as well..

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